Computer inventory system

Network Inventory Advisor is a simple and fast computer inventory system for Windows, Mac and Linux networks. You can obtain hardware and software inventory details for each computer just in two clicks. Moreover you can track software and hardware changes and recieve notifications when something is removed or replaced anywhere across your network.


You have a number of computers with Windows, Macs and Linux OS's in the same network. And a question raises - how to track all hardware and software that's installed on them?

You can: track important changes with a help of standard spreadsheet or simple computer inventory form and mark down all configuration changes, new coming hardware, software update, etc. manually.

But: It takes much time, efforts and spreadsheets could became too long and complex over the years.

computer inventory system

Solution from ClearApps:

Network Inventory Advisor automates inventory tasks and puts every network asset under control. It gathers all needed data across your network and generates easy to use and ready to print customizable reports. Give Network Advisor a try and you will like it!

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