Inventory computers in your network

With Network Inventory Advisor you can gather all computer inventory data remotely, generate network inventory reports and track network hardware and software changes.

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Select the type of inventory scanning which fits your needs best

With the help of WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) Network Inventory Advisor gathers inventory data from all computers in your network in the way that suits you best. In general there are three methods Network Inventory Advisor retrieves hardware and software information all over your PCs:

Agent deployment method is recommended because of its reliability. It gathers more data and generates less network traffic. In case of agent-free scan, Network Inventory Advisor communicates with WMI directly and this method is used when agent deployment is impossible. Also agent can be run manually on a standalone computer.

Automate and schedule your computer inventory tasks

Hardware and software inventory in your network should be done on regular basis. With network Inventory Advisor you can plan inventory tasks only once and keep your inventory reports up-to-dated thanks to the schedule Scan option

Find out what is changed and where

Keep your finger on the pulse of your network. With Network Inventory Advisor you will receive automatic alerts when something is removed, changed or installed in your network.

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