Computer inventory management

Network Inventory Advisor covers all computer inventory management tasks and features automated software & hardware inventory, license management and network optimization for big and small companies.


As a network administrator you are looking the way to manage your computer inventory and track changes in your network.

You can: gather all computer inventory data with a help of simple computer inventory forms or spreadsheets and track changes by comparing these forms manually.

But: according to different circumstances, it is not always convenient to make these computer inventory forms regularly and also it is rather time-consuming.

computer inventory system

Solution from ClearApps Software:

Network Inventory Advisor allows to keep your network data in one place where all inventory details, network snapshots and reports will be well organized and stored. All you need is to run our computer inventory manager on a Windows computer with network admin rights and it will automatically discover Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers. Afterwards you will have all needed data for a successful computer inventory management with custom inventory reports you need.

Moreover Network Inventory Advisor features computer configuration changes tracking. So now every time when something is removed or installed Network Inventory Advisor will alert you. Also you can create reports on all hardware or software changes from the last network scan

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