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Network Inventory Advisor is a comprehensive computer inventory solution for your Windows, Mac and Linux networks. It offers hardware and software inventory reports enabling you to control it assets and simplify it inventory tasks.


Computer hardware inventory is one of the most common task for network administrators. Knowing exactly what hardware is installed on every networked computer is vital when it comes to troubleshooting hardware problems.

Common time-consuming action:

You can: solve this task by using computer inventory lists. Computer inventory list is a template that allows documenting all computer equipment. Inventory data gathered manually and hardware inventory lists prepared separately for every computer.

But: it troubles much when it comes to large-scale enterprise networks...

Standard computer inventory list sample:

Hardware Specification Model Serial Number Data Purchased Cost
CPU AMD X6 3.2 GHz Phenom II 1ZA3381RTB 17.11.10 $150
Motherboard ASUS iX58 - LGA1366 Sabertooth X58 2UA3371KQH 03.12.10 $120
HDD Samsung 2 TB 300 MBps Spinpoint F4EG HD204UI/Z4 03.10.10 $97.29

Solution by ClearApps

Network Inventory Advisor allows to get rid of paperwork and helps to automate computer inventory process. Network Inventory Advisor gathers all computer inventory data automatically and builds software and hardware configuration reports and allows to print inventory reports you need.

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