Computer inventory form

In most cases computer inventory form is a document that allows registering every hardware component for each computer in your LAN. Computer inventory forms are very useful for hardware tracking purposes and when you plan to upgrade your computer equipment.

Network Inventory Advisor is a new and powerful solution which gathers all data about your computer configuration and builds ready-to-print inventory reports.


Usually, when you plan to upgrade your local computer you can find all hardware specification at computer's Device Manager. And what if you have several computers in your network?

Common time-consuming action:

You can print computer inventory form and gather hardware configuration for each computer manually.


This method is very time-consuming and requires much attention because of mistakes during the manual hardware tracking.

Solution from ClearApps

ClearApps has resolved this problem by proposing fully automated computer inventory software solution. Network Inventory Advisor scans every computer in your network and builds computer inventory reports you need.

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Standard computer inventory form sample:

Hardware Specification Model Serial Number Data Purchased Cost
CPU Dual CPU 2194 MHz E2200 1ZA3381RTB 19.01.10 $150
Motherboard Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz 8M 0914h 2UA3371KQH 03.08.10 $120
HDD -- -- -- -- --
Sound card -- -- -- -- --

Computer hardware inventory form sample can also be downloaded in PDF format here

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